Monthly Archives: November 2017

Why Should Your Business Consider Hiring a Debt Collector?

If you are a business that operates on credit terms it is likely that at some stage you will need to deal with a customer who cannot, or will not, pay their fees. Debt collecting is not a favorite part of anyone’s job. Particularly when you or your staff deal with these clients on a…
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Tips to Have a Good Credit History

Your complete credit history is shown in your credit report. As debt collectors in Sydney, we can assure you that a good credit history is necessary for individuals and businesses when they apply to banks and lenders for credit. Your credit report is used by the banks and lenders to assess if they will lend…
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Common Mistakes Made by Small Business Owners with Accounts Receivable

Poor cashflow is one of the major issues that affect small business owners in Australia. A business that is operating well at every other level can be adversely affected and even face liquidation or closing down when debtors do not pay their invoices. Putting into place some small business debt collection strategies will protect your…
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